Garden Sector is the industry’s first free electronic newspaper. As such, it holds news, views, information and comments from the industry. We don’t have features, we leave that to the magazines, we just run the latest news and keep you up to date with what’s going on.

In some cases we will run adverts, these are kept to a minimum and we will run press material if you send it in, but we reserve the right to cut or re-write to suit the publication. We also reserve the right to test products to qualify company statements.

If you send in material we will only give you a price if we want to run the item, costs range from £45 to £75 maximum. This is specifically

to support the industry’s need to grow and develop in the current economic market.

We welcome comments on the news items run and will print them if relevant, free of charge.

The circulation of Garden Sector is approximately 16,000 and includes all garden centres in the UK and Ireland, all peripheral markets that supply the garden centres and the named contacts include directors, buyers, owners and those that have specifically requested the newspaper. If we are asked to omit a name from our list we do so immediately and we will not put it back on the list of receivers unless specifically asked to do so by that person or company representative.

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